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[ # ] The men take the floor tonight on DWTS6!!!
March 17th, 2008 under Dancing with the Stars

After weeks of anticipation the men finally take the dance floor tonight on ABC's Dancing with the Stars at 8p! I hope Cristian De La Fuente stays for a while just on the eye candy factor. Adam Carolla won me over on Jimmy Kimmel. Penn Jillette should be magical…lol! Steve Guttenberg is not my cup of tea. Jason Taylor is the only sports guy in the competition. And sorry Mario your dancing will have to win over the popularity vote if you want to stay past next week.
Hopefully this season will be interesting, just not as interesting as last year!
So tune in to ABC at 8p to watch the men dance tonight, the women tomorrow at 9p and then next week watch the first Dancing with the Stars double elimination! Who do you think it will be without seeing those people dance one step. I say Mario and Monica Selles.



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