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[ # ] Can we now stop making Justin Timberlake a thing?
February 4th, 2018 under Justin Timberlake

For years, people keep trying to make Justin Timberlake a thing; but his music is boring, his acting is awful and he is as exciting as watching paint dry. Tonight, he was given biggest honor in music, to play the Super Bowl Half Time Show.

He had the chance to make it huge and do an *NSYNC reunion or give Janet Jackson the redemption she needed. He did not do that. He needed *NSYNC. He needed Janet. Because what he did was a snoozefest.

What went wrong? Playing too many of his new songs that there has been no buzz about. Picking I Would Die 4 U from Prince. Prince is dead, why would you sing song that is about what the Minneapolis legend would die for. He should have done Let’s Go Crazy to pump up the audience. Yes, he predicted his death in it, but it is perfect for the Super Bowl.

The other problem is we learned, Timberlake does not have a powerful voice and he you could barely hear him. (Audio problems or not, his voice was still washed out.) But we knew that from his songs that are heavily synthesized. He had a chance to redeem himself with Can’t Stop This Feeling, and he took all the joy out of his only catchy tune.

Now that he has climaxed, can we give him cab money and send him home? Never to return his texts.



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