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[ # ] Another crazy night for Britney Spears
January 29th, 2008 under Britney Spears

So the night starts out with Britney Spears coming out of her community crying, then going back through the gate to her house. The paparazzi outside are saying she got in to a huge fight with her manager Sam Lutfi. Britney gets in another paparzzo’s car and goes to Raplph’s. Shortly after she goes back to her house Adnan tries to visit her, but he is denied because Sam said he was not allowed in no matter what. Britney’s father then shows up and is also rejected but the paprazzi tell them who he is and then they let him. Then about a half hour later her mother who is in town also goes to visit her, the first time the two have been together in months. At some point Britney hooked up with Adnan went for a drive with him, they get a flat tire and he drops her off at 11p. Then at 1:30a she is back with Sam and her mom and goes to local drug store. So who knows what the freak is going on, but TMZ and I are wondering the same this…Intervention Time.
BTW I agree with Sam, Adnan is no good for her.
UPDATE: Here is the whole night in about 10 minutes



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