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[ # ] Josh Groban was a grunge teen who loved Alternative music!
November 27th, 2017 under Josh Groban

When we think of Josh Groban we think of the singer with a deep, hypnotizing voice who sings Operatic type songs and Broadway showtunes, but as a teen it was a different story. On Saturday night, he Tweeted about making music playlists, so I asked him if he made mix tapes for the girls he liked when he younger. He responded back by saying, “I was a 90’s teen so it was all grunge and alternative bands.”

Before you freak out, he also was also listening to Sondheim while still going to see the Grunge and Ska bands live. Something that makes sense when you think about it because his style is very Seattle back in the ’90s. But it is still hard to picture him in a mosh pit at a Pearl Jam concert or head banging to Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit. But I could totally see him belting out Cool from West Side Story in his room thinking how cool he is. That is more how I like it with him. Granted I would not mind hearing his take on Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train.

On that note, another type of music we have come accustomed to hearing him sing is Christmas Carols. On December 19th, he will be headlining CBS’s A Home For the Holidays. The 19th annual holiday special features uplifting family stories about foster care and adoption while showcasing performances from artists like Grobs, Kelly Clarkson, Kacey Musgraves and Kane Brown. Get your tissues ready for this one because it will be a happy tear inducer.


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