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[ # ] Dance Moms is back, but is Abby Lee Miller?
August 1st, 2017 under Dance Moms

Back in March, Abby Lee Miller announced that she quit, Dance Moms, which left us wondering if we would see her on the new season of the show. Tonight at 9p on Lifetime we will get that answer.

The show picks up in February, so there’s your answer. The moms and their daughters are back at the ALDC after a winter break and Abby is awaiting her sentencing date. The moms want to know how this will effect them and the dance teacher is silent about it. Well that is the only thing she is silent about because as we know she has a huge mouth. One that will get her in trouble, but again we know that.

While the moms of the Elite Group are getting along, the Mini Moms are not and that is frustrating everyone. Especially since the two little girls have a duet together and Abby is no where to be found.

Then there is the group number and it is relating to Brynn’s real life. Her parents divorced three years ago and now her father wants more custody. Ashlee has to go to court and Abby has turned that it into a dance number. Ashlee only wants to know how her daughter feels about it and the teenager just wants her mom to leave her alone. Which you cannot blame Brynn.

While Dance Moms is starting off with the same old, we know it will not stay that way. That is what I cannot wait for because that episode where she quits is going to be awesome! At least it better be!


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