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[ # ] Ariana Grande will reportedly pay for the 22 funerals
May 24th, 2017 under Ariana Grande

Even though it is not Ariana Grande’s fault what happened in Manchester on Monday night, she feels the need to do something. The Twitter page Ariana Updates Tweeted, “News on Ariana: Ariana has reached out to the families who’s loves ones died last night….she is gonna pay for the funerals!”

The gesture is a very nice one because it is one less thing these families need to worry about. It is a shame they have to worry about burying their loved ones at all. Those 22 people went to have a fun memorable night out and now their friends and family are living a nightmare. For what? There is nothing any of those terrorists can say that can justify their hate. They are not following the Koran because they did not die in the name of religion, instead they died in the name of hate. There is a difference, so no virgins for you. No martyrdom for you. Just hell. They don’t even deserve hell because that is too good for these bastards.

If they think bombings are the answer, they are not. The bombings do not make people want to join their cause, it makes people want to fight their cause. Nothing comes out these bombings but hate towards them. They need to think up a new a way to get the word out because this one has been a big fail for generations.

As bad as these bombers looked, the people of Manchester and Ariana Grande look amazing. They all came together to help the victims with love. Love is the answer.

I was a Religious Studies major in college (long story and it involves a cute boy) and I learned religions are not about hate. All these people who use it for that reason are spitting on their religion. Religion is about love and helping others, not hate and killing.


  • Mitt Zombie

    There is no actual record of her or her team offering this, just a tweet from somebody passing on rumor.

  • Squeegee

    It would be nice if the British government also did more to stop the radicalization of Muslim youth in their country that resulted in this tragedy.
    Otherwise it will happen again and again. Especially as Muslims now constitute 10% of the overall British population and 24% of births in Britain.

    • billkoz

      Thanks for the Fake News, but Muslims make up 5% of the British population and the birth rate is 10%.

      • Squeegee

        That is not true more like 20% of general population and 60% of births

  • motaskah

    people need to understand that muslims are even more right wing than republicans. before 9/11 80% of muslims were registered republicans. I don’t understand the liberal need to defend them when they want to enslave you, kill the gays, and not allow women to wear clothing except the hijab. Hell, iranian women can’t go to mens volleyball games and saudi arabian women aren’t allowed to drive. Saudi arabia, the most liberal of all muslim countries will not allow women to drive! the majority of muslims are not terrorists but they wouldn’t blink an eye if they killed all the gays and jews in the world. save your grief. All these heightened security measures on planes and inconvenience are thanks to muslims. Trump is president thanks to muslims. Brexit happened because of the reactionary movement to muslims.


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