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[ # ] Katy Perry’s head is served on a silver platter
May 18th, 2017 under Katy Perry

Vanity Fair was inspired by Katy Perry’s single Bon Appétit and decided to have some fun with her. They decided to turn the musical artist into a real artist. They asked her to be a work of art as they put her in a table with just her head showing through. To make it more of a masterpiece, her head was served on a silver platter. Then they brought guests in to look at the still life that wasn’t so still and because of her new hair no one knew it was her. Which is why they were more scared when they found out it was her.

Actually most of them were unimpressed, which can you blame them? The only people who don’t know that people are over her are the ones who hired to be on American Idol. Me and ow!



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