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[ # ] Sleepy Hollow is deader than the Headless Horseman!
May 9th, 2017 under Fox

Remember last year when Fox picked up Sleepy Hollow for another season after they killed off Abbie Mills and you were like WTF are they thinking? Well, this year they got it right because they said off with its head and finally cancelled it. Something that was long overdue.

The show had a great first season because the chemistry with Ichabod Crane and Mills was perfect. Then they added all these other people and lost their way. Finally, they killed off Mills not once but twice and the show needed to die like the Headless Horseman. Now, no one can save the once great show.

Another Fox show that was never great was Rosewood and today the show about coroner was sent to the morgue.

While Fox was saying off with their heads, NBC proved to us they were taken by Taken and picked it up for another season. What you never heard that the Peacock adapted the big screen movie for the little one. Don’t worry not too many other people know about it either.



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