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[ # ] Don’t call Pauley Perrette, Abby!
May 9th, 2017 under CBS

For the last 14 years, Pauley Perrette has playing Abby Sciuto on the World’s most watched show, so it should be no surprise that people, when they meet her, call her by her NCIS character’s name. While she should be flattered that people even know who she is, she Tweeted, “In response, Hello! My name is Pauley. Abby is a fictional character who ‘works’ for fictional characters. Thanks!”

Pauley, you are no Mark Harmon, and that is why people might not know your real name when they see you in person. Be happy they even know who you are because who were you before the CBS procedural? Who will you be afterwards? Abby made you rich and let’s you do all you want to do. Embrace it, don’t shun it.

I am sorry, I hate when celebs don’t like to be known for the characters that gives them the lives they desired. I am talking to all you Chachis, Screeches and Urkels out there. You are just as much your character as you are yourself. Don’t like it, then, I say, go behind the scenes and do what the people who make you look and sound good do. You know the people whose names we don’t know.



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