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[ # ] Jennifer Lopez leaves very little to the imagination
April 28th, 2017 under J-Lo

Jennifer Lopez wore a dress to the Latin Billboard Awards yesterday that reminds me of those Crochet Lace Doilies our grandmothers would put on their tables. Because of the crochet style of the gown, if you can call it a gown, it left very little to the imagination.

I get that her career was made on her wearing a very revealing dress at the Grammys in 2000, but isn’t about time the mom of two didn’t show off her body as much as she does. Not that she has a bad figure, but isn’t there more to her? I mean, I don’t like her music and I don’t think she can act, but still. Doesn’t she want to be known for that too? Or does she just want to be known for showing off her bod?



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