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[ # ] Watch this mama alligator lead her 16 babies into a pond
April 6th, 2017 under Animals

via GMA

Sharon Whiting looked out towards her backyard in Charlotte County, Fl and saw something that would scare the bejeezus out of most people. She witnessed a mother alligator leading her 16, yes 16, babies into the pond behind her house. Instead of picking up the phone and calling a real estate agent to find her a new place to live immediately, she used it to film all 17 of them on their journey. One short of all the holes at the golf course.

It was no small task, she says that it took the mama all day to get her little gators into the water. I am sure the lizards all slept well that night after their trip, but I doubt the Whitings did. They were probably having nightmares about them. Even though the mother is a beautiful creature.

Every now and again, I miss living in Florida and then I see a video like this. Now I don’t miss living there.



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