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[ # ] Meet Lowell’s wife on Man with a Plan, Superior Donuts tackles racism!
March 13th, 2017 under CBS

After 15 episodes, we are finally going to meet Lowell’s (Matt Cook) wife on Man with a Plan on CBS tonight at 8:30p. For those of you who don’t watch, Lowell is a stay at home dad that follows Adam (Matt LeBlanc) around like a lap dog because he desperately needs a male friend in his life. Adam and his wife (Liza Snyder), Andi, think that Lowell’s wife is make believe because they have never seen her. When they hear she is in town, they invite the couple over dinner.

The two create an escape plan to end their night early, just in case she is a real loser. But when they finally meet her, they find out she is perfect, as in Jenna Dewan Tatum perfect. Andi and Adam fall in love with her immediately and they want to make her their new best friends. Only problem is Lowell and his wife use the same excuse to cut their plans short, so now Andi and Adam think they are being rejected. What happens next is why Man with a Plan has become a quick darling on CBS.

Personally, I think that Cook is the star and needs his own show. Now that we have met Jenna, there is no excuse why they can’t get a spinoff! Who wants to see that happen?

Then at 9p on Superior Donuts, Franco (Jermaine Fowler) is stopped and frisked by an Asian cop because he is African-American. When Franco tries to explain that to the two cops at Superior Donuts, Officer DeLuca (Katey Sagal) tells Franco that that cop is one of the good ones in Chicago.

Wanting to ease tensions between the cops and the people of the neighborhood, Arthur (Judd Hirsch) lets them have a meeting about race in his shop. When something goes missing after the meeting, everyone’s loyalty and views on race are questioned. All coming to one heated exchange between Franco and that cop when he is once again questioned by him. What happens next has everyone questioning everything and changing their outlooks.

Tonight’s Superior Donuts is a must not miss, don’t miss it! Donuts not required, but they make the show sweeter.



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