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[ # ] Ken Jeong knows how to make an entrance!
February 23rd, 2017 under Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong was on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday and he made an entrance for the books! We know that can act, tell jokes and be a doctor, but did you know he can also dance. He is so smooth, someone should give him his own dancing show. You know what, since Dr Ken is on ABC and American Bandstand was on that network too, how about bringing it back and having him host it? I would watch.

Talking about Dr Ken, if you watch the show, then you know his real life daughter Zoe was on the comedy dating his TV son. On last week’s episode, the two broke up and that was her last episode. What happened? Jeong asked his offspring if she wanted off of the show and she said yes. So he sprang her, but don’t expect to see her acting again because he has blackballed her. As a father he was proud of her, but as a producer he is pissed. Can’t say I blame him because she was good.

Also talking about the sitcom, tomorrow’s episode at 8:30p is a special one. Eight year’s ago the actor’s wife beat breast cancer and on tomorrow’s show his TV wife discovers she has a lump in her breast. He co-wrote the episode, so expect it to be a very well-done emotional one. Expect some laughs, some tears and a whole lot of heart all while telling a very important story from his own personal life.



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