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[ # ] Is Daniel Radcliffe immortal?
February 20th, 2017 under Uncategorized

We know that Daniel Radcliffe is a magician, but turns out he might also be immortal like a Vampire. That’s because Graham Norton has been collecting photos of people that look like Harry Potter over the last few centuries to share on his BBC show, and the resemblance between all of them is too spot on. It’s like he is the one in all of those pictures. Although some where his alter ego Daniella, since during some of those time periods he had to be dressed like a woman so no one would realize that he never ages.

Yes, we saw him as a kid, but how do we know that wasn’t one of his many disguises to hide his identity? He hasn’t really aged that much since the movies came out. It has been 15 years and he still looks the same.

Therefore we can only assume that it is him in all of those photos and some day, soon he will have to take on a new name because people will become suspicious that he still looks like a kid even though he is 50. Basically, enjoy him while you can because the Daniel Radcliffe we know needs to become a new person soon so that he can continue to be immortal.



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