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[ # ] Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus ends its 146 year run in May
January 15th, 2017 under Uncategorized

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced yesterday that after 146 years the show won’t go on past May. They explained in the statement, “The decision to end the circus tours was made as a result of high costs coupled with a decline in ticket sales, making the circus an unsustainable business for the company. Following the transition of the elephants off the circus, the company saw a decline in ticket sales greater than could have been anticipated.”
I know people will hate me for saying this, but I am sad to see it go. I can still remember the fun time I had as a kid when my parents first took me to see it. I wasn’t even as old as all the fingers on my hand, but I can remember driving there with anticipation, watching the show with excitement and wanting to go see it again and again. I did. It brought a smile to my face and millions, probably billions, of other kids’ faces over the century and a half, and it is shame that future generations won’t be able to see it. Who doesn’t need a clown? Or several of them coming out of a tiny car every now and again? I know I do.
So thank you for the memories, sorry that babies around the US won’t be able to have the same ones.



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