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[ # ] Fox is in love with Love Connection, but are you?
January 11th, 2017 under Andy Cohen

Fox announced today that they ordered 15 episodes of a rebooted version of Love Connection hosted by Andy Cohen to air this summer. The show is produced by the creator of The Bachelor, so you know what the contestants are going to be like. Even worse than that. Plus, with the Watch What Happens Next host hosting, you know there were be lots of plastic. And I am not talking about what they show spends on their dates.
On that note, if you are not familiar with it. One contestant talks to three contestants and then audience decides who should go on the date. After the date, they go back on the show and talk all about it. Then the host asks if they want to go on another date. If both say yes, then they go on another date. If they say no, then they might get their own Reality Show on searching for a new Love Connection. Joking, that is what The Bachelor does.



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