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[ # ] Mariah Carey taking a Social Media break after humiliating NYE
January 8th, 2017 under Mariah Carey

We have heard everyone talk about what happened on New Year’s Ever to Mariah Carey, but Mariah Carey herself. Today, she broke her silence and reiterated that her ear piece wasn’t working and she needed that to perform during that freezing cold moment at Times Square in fronts of thousands of people. Because of that, she was not able to sing her song. That moment has had such an effect on her that she is taking a break from the media and Social Media, but will honor her already scheduled commitments including her tour in March.
Will it last? Well Kim Kardashian did it for three months, so I give her maybe 3 weeks. Plus, like Kim, she has a show on E! that still has a several episodes left until its season/series finale on January 29th. It will be interesting to see if it gets another season. I hope not because it is so staged. I have seen elementary school plays with better acting than the Docuseries.



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