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[ # ] The Mick is a real kick a$$ comedy!
January 1st, 2017 under Fox

If you are looking for a sweet family comedy, then The Mick is not for you. If you love to laugh, then Fox comedy that debuts tonight 8p is for you.
Down on her luck Mackenzie (Kaitlin Olson) finally decides to visit her filthy rich sister, who is holding one of her very ritzy parties. Just as the two are reconnecting, the FBI swoops in and arrest Mick’s sister and brother-in-law. Her sister asks Mick to take care of her three kids while she’s in jail and will pay her for her trouble.
The oldest Sabrina (Sofia Black D’Elia) is the spoiled teenage b!tch who mistakenly thinks she can one up her Aunt. The two will go to head to head a lot and it is shocking either one survives their battles. There will be at least one death as a consequence and it will leave you whowling!
Then there is Chip (Thomas Barbusca) who is a snobby teen that everyone hates. He thinks money can get him out of all types of trouble, it cannot. That won’t stop him from trying.
Finally, there is gullible and lovable Ben (Jack Stanton) and the 6 year old always finds trouble wherever he goes. He doesn’t mean to, it just has a way of finding him.
Tonight Mick gets to know her niece and nephews and they get to know her. Which means they will all hate each other as families do. But when their parents decide to flee the Country, they have no choice but to become a family. Just like one, they won’t listen to each other.
Thankfully they have Alba (Carla Jimenez) the Maid to clean up their messes. Not only that, she nails every scene she is. She is the biggest scene stealer in this sitcom that is full of scene stealers!
You will be loving this show so much, that you will be saying, “C U Next Tuesday,” every week until the next episode airs again at 8:30p the following Tuesday!



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