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[ # ] Mandy Moore and 2 sets of her This Is Us triplets!
December 13th, 2016 under This Is Us

As we know, Golden Globe nominee This Is Us takes place in different times. There is the early ’80s, late ’80s. mid ’90s and today. Since Golden Globe nominee Mandy Moore and Holden Globe snubbed Milo Ventimilgia have triplets on the show that were born in 1980, we get to see them at different ages. But we never get to see them together, to witnesss how good of a job the casting department did when they cast these kids, teens and 36 year olds to play the same people through the decades.
That is until now because Mama Moore shared a photo of herself with her TV hubby and two sets of the younger version of their triplets. Isn’t it amazing how much they look alike. It is like we are looking at two different times merging as one. Which according to Timeless is a bad thing. But that is the show airs on NBC at 10p the night beforehand. Sorry, I got confused.
Seriously though, how totally awesome is it to see the younger versions of Golden Globe nominee Sterling K Brown for another show, Justin Hartley and Golden Globe nominee Chrissy Metz for this show.



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