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[ # ] The first new shows of the Fall ends their runs tonight
December 8th, 2016 under ABC

This might be a first in television history, but the first shows to technically be cancelled end their runs all the way in December. There have been shows in the past that have been pulled from the air after just one episode, but I don’t think there has been any other season where the first cancelled shows made it all the way to airing 10 episodes before they left the airwaves forever.
But this is not like any other year. Every new show is actually airing all of their episodes that the networks ordered for them and tonight at 9p ABC’s Notorious and Fox’s Pitch are the first ones to air all of their ordered episodes this season. In the coming weeks, they will be joined by several other shows like CBS’s Pure Genius, Fox’s Exorcist and Son of Zorn, ABC’s Conviction and The CW’s Frequency and No Tomorrow.
While I am not sad to see Notorious, I hope Fox reconsiders pulling the plug on Pitch. It was screwed the second they put it up against Thursday Night Football and after the failing Rosewood. Pitch was a great show that never got the attention it deserved.



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