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October 24th, 2016 under CBS

When CBS sent out the pilot for Man With a Plan back in May, you could tell it was missing something but still had potential. As we know, there was a cast change and that change completely changed the show for the better. Tonight at 8:30p on CBS, you will remember how great it is to have Matt LeBlanc do what he does best. Traditional sitcoms in front of a live audience.
Adam (LeBlanc) and Andi’s (Liza Snyder) youngest daughter is starting kindergarten, so the stay at home mom decided to go back to work. In return, Adam is going to have pick up her slack. Since he is the boss of his own company, he will get to spend more time with his kids and that is something he really doesn’t know how to do. His three kids won’t make it easy on him because they are used to having their mom do everything for them and that is not the way he does things.
They are going to rebel against him and he is going to have to find a way to outsmart them. Adam doesn’t think he can do it; but when he sees how much Andi loves his job, he knows what he has to do it. He will thankfully have some help from Lowell (Matt Cook) who also has a child in Adam’s youngest child’s class.
Each week, he will learn to be a more a hands on dad and his kids will come up with new ways to make it harder for him. Starting next week, we get to meet his brother played by Kevin Nealon. He brings another funny dynamic to this already hilarious show.
My only complaint about Man With a Plan is that there is not enough Matt Cook. He is going to be a huge!



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