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September 8th, 2016 under DIscovery/TLC

TLC edited a video together of the best tantrums from Toddlers & Tiaras and I think it could make the biggest Pro-Lifer change their mind on abortion. I know it reminded me to take my birth control pill because I don’t want one of those. Seriously, that is best PSA for condoms I have ever seen.
Didn’t make you want to never have kids or be around any?


  • jwoolman

    The kids were actually pretty restrained. It’s the adults I wouldn’t want to be around. The kids were making it clear that they had had enough of the pageant life but the parents kept pushing them. It was downright abusive. This is a very optional activity and as soon as it’s no longer fun for the kids – just stop.

  • Kwill

    The adults are more annoying. God, what trash priorities these parents have.


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