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[ # ] One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato no more on MasterChef
August 24th, 2016 under Gordon Ramsay

MasterChef is finally back on Fox tonight at 8p and it is twice as good. That’s because they are airing two episodes back to back. Kevin Sbraga is the Guest Chef and the 9 remaining contestants are going to have to impress him, Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi. That is a tough order, but they are up for the challenge.
The first episode starts off with Mystery Box Challenge and the contestants have to prepare 3 fine dining dishes. Sounds easy, but it is harder than it looks. These Home Cooks have learned so much in the past weeks that they come very close to perfecting a 5 Star Meal.
Three of them made dishes better than the rest, and only one of them will win the advantage that moves them to the Top 8. Now that winner has been decided, they get to choose which of their competitors get to cook with the whole Salmon that needs to be sliced up and which ones get to prepare a meal with the canned version of it. Yes, canned version. Both are equally challenging and it will do someone in. All leading to a surprise elimination and I think the wrong person was sent home.
And then there were 8. The Top 8 contestants are given a new challenge that is broken into the three parts. They will have to prepare potatoes three different ways.
All 8 will prepare a cone of french fries. The 4 that master it move on and the other half must prepare mashed potatoes. At end of this phase, two move on and two must make my favorite pasta, gnocchi. Now the bottom 2 are about to become one and this elimination is the most shocking of all this season.
Finally, it is time for next week’s promo and one contestant will literally go down. From the way they left it, it doesn’t sound like they are going to get back up again. Hopefully they will because they are one my favorites. Just like MasterChef is one my favorite competition shows.



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