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[ # ] Adele takes off the black eyeliner!
August 17th, 2016 under Adele

Adele is on the US part of the tour. After performing for thousands of adoring fans, all she wants to do is take off all of that makeup. That includes removing the best cat eye makeup in the World.
Want to see how she look after she is no longer rolling in the deep of concealer, powder, gloss and eyeliner, then

Hello, of course Adele is just as beautiful as her voice with or without her temporary mask. Don’t you think she looks absolutely flawless?

UPDATE: Adele might look flawless, but she has some flaws. She is human and unfortunately she can get sick. That is the case, and because of that she sadly had to cancel her show in Phoenix tonight. You can tell she didn’t want to, and you can also tell the cold got the best of her.



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