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[ # ] Is Josh Groban the new Tom Jones?
August 15th, 2016 under Josh Groban

Tom Jones is as known for women throwing their underwear at him as concerts as the songs he sings during them. Well, there is a new artist who says that the women of Detroit honored him in the same way. After performing in Motor City, Josh Groban Tweeted, “Detroiiiiiit. You screamed. You sweat. You threw underwear on the stage. (Really.) #rockcity #notrocksinger.” He might not be a Rocker, but he does have a way of making Grobanites undies wet. Therefore it makes sense that they would throw their panties at him.
But as someone who ushered, at venue he recently played at and was on panty duty at a Tom Jones’ concert, he needs to be careful because the older he gets, the bigger the undergarments get. Let me tell you, I had one pair completely cover my whole head, and I am still seeing a psychologist from the after effects over 15 years later. That was just one night, he is about do 8 shows a week on Broadway. As The Beatles might sing today 8 Thongs a Weeks.



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