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[ # ] Nick Kroll is literally a douche
August 13th, 2016 under Seth Rogen

Actors have voiced many different objects throughout the years, and Nick Kroll has done an item that is in a league of its own. He is voicing a douche in the movie Sausage Party. The only thing that could be worse than that is a tampon. What do you think would be worse?
I can think of something that could be worse, what if some toy company wants to sell action figures based on the characters in the movie that is out now. Oh wait, then I know what I would be giving my friends for Christmas this year, the Talking Douche.
Back to Kroll, can you imagine getting that phone call from Seth Rogen? Rogen is like, “Hey Nick, want to be douche?” Kroll would reply, “I thought, I already was one?” He isn’t, but I assume that would be his answer. Then Rogen would explain to him what the role is and what guy wouldn’t want to voice something that’s only purpose is to go into a woman’s vajayjay.



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