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[ # ] Seth Rogen takes Sausage Party to a supermarket!
August 12th, 2016 under Seth Rogen

Sausage Party is an animated movie about the lives of food. Because it is animated, they get to talk! What would happen if you placed robotic cantaloupes, loafs of bread and sausages in a NYC supermarket? That is what Sony Pictures found out when they did just that and had the movie’s star, Seth Rogen, give them a voice. Let’s just say, NYers aren’t that nice when their food talks back them. So much so, forget about Lip Sync Battle and Drop the Mic, this is the segment that really needs it owns show! Could you imagine? New Yawkers and the Sausage Party. Which has a completely different meaning than when I was growing up in NYC and would go to the Manhattan to party on the weekends!



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