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[ # ] Jimmy Fallon’s Slip & Slide fail!
August 5th, 2016 under Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon challenged Miles Teller to a game of Slip & Flip on The Tonight Show yesterday and the beer took its effect on the NBC host after the first cup.
Before I get ahead of myself the object of the game to slide on over to the table via the Slip & Slide, drink a cup full of beer, flip the cup over, slide back to the other side and repeat until the 5th cup is flipped over. Things started off great for Fallon when he quickly got his cup to land on its head, but then something happened that put him way behind. He went to do the slide, but instead he just plopped down and stopped. That costly mistake might’ve cost him the game but it won our appreciation. Our appreciation to laugh at people hurting themselves on a Slip & Slide. The joys of summer!



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