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[ # ] Who knew back hair could be a work of art?
July 27th, 2016 under James Corden

Let’s be honest, when we see back hair on a man, we think it is gross. Not anymore because Tyler Harding has found a way to turn into something beautiful. Many years ago, Michael Wolfe wanted his friend to shave the American Flag into his back hair for a July Fourth party, and he did. Now every four months (when Wolfe’s fur comes back in), he creates a new masterpiece. He has created so many works of art, they have a released a Calendhair with 12 of their hairtings. You have a champagne glasses for Januhairy all the way up to a Nativity Scene for Decenbhair. I no longer want the Hot Firemen Calendar hanging from my wall, I want this one instead. Well, maybe I can put then side by side.
Now back to the artist and his human canvas, I found out about them yesterday on The Late Late Show. Harding shaved James Corden’s face into Wolfe’s back and I can’t stop looking at it. It is the likes of nothing I have ever seen. It should not be hanging on a man’s back to be covered by a shirt, it should be hanging up at renowned museums. Don’t you agree?



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