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[ # ] Watch a man pull a car with his nipples
July 21st, 2016 under America's Got Talent

Last time, Baron of the Universe was on America’s Got Talent, he lifted a heavy weight with just his nipples. Yesterday, he upped his game by pulling a car with them. A feat so great, that you will find yourself grabbing your nipples as you watch him. In fact, you won’t be able to remove your hands for a while afterwards.
In case you wondering how his nipples are, Simon Cowell asked that very question. He told the King of Mean that they are, “very good. They are absolutely fine.” His might be, but ours are not.
The only thing worse was Howie Mandel’s joke to the nipplifter. It was, “I could see something like this in Vegas and you offer valet parking..People leave their cars in front of the theater and you bring it into the parking areola.” Maybe the next time Baron is on the show, he lifts Mandel with just his nipples. This way the comedian can see what it looks like up close and we can get revenge on him for that joke.



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