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[ # ] This parrot can whistle The Addams Family theme!!!
July 13th, 2016 under 60s

Want to know what really makes a really good theme song? Not only if you can still sing the song 50 years after the show ended. What makes a truly memorable theme song is if a parrot can whistle it.
Oumutdeyil‘s parrot cannot only whistle the song, it also figured a way to make the snapping sound when needed. Lurch would give this Polly two pulls on the bell! In fact, John Astin would be so proud of that bird. And hopefully if he were to meet the whistling songster, he wouldn’t do a Gomez and eat it. That seems like something the patriarch of the family would do.
Seriously, doesn’t this bring as a huge smile to your face? Kind of like watching The Addams Family all over again.



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