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[ # ] The things Taylor Lautner can do with his mouth!
June 29th, 2016 under Taylor Lautner
We know that Taylor Lautner can do amazing flips, but he has another trick he can do. He can catch fruit in his mouth. One of his fans knew of this ability, and said that catching grapes was too easy. The Twilight werewolf then to decided to try different fruits from the basket like strawberries and avocados. Those were easy enough for him to do. But then it got tricky when his friend threw a grapefruit, a banana and a watermelon at him. Did he catch those?
As good as those attempts were the last one is what makes the fruit toss challenge totally worth it. Let’s just say he was left with cake on his face!
Who knew Taylor Lautner was so funny? Can’t wait to see what he does during the upcoming season of Scream Queens on Fox!



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