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[ # ] This is not The CW’s Supergirl!
June 24th, 2016 under Pornody

You know that sweet and innocent caped crusader who flew from CBS over to The CW? Well she isn’t as sweet and innocent in Axel Braun’s pornody Supergirl XXX.
Now we will finally find out which sex is better to have sex with if they are superhero. I would think the man, because Superman is faster than a speeding bullet and there is no way any huMan can satisfy Supergirl. If you think satisfying a huWOman is tough, imagine trying to do that to a female who has unlimited stamina. You will get lockjaw and still she won’t be satisfied even after hours of Viagra.
That’s my opinion is, what’s yours? Don’t have one, then you can buy Supergirl XXX when it comes out and see for yourself as she takes on Brainiac. Personally, I would’ve thought the villain would be called Aphrodisiac.



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