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June 18th, 2016 under Hallmark

Dr. Kate Lawrence (Vanessa Marcil) shares relationship advice via her blog and on TV, and she is about to get a book offer but there are things she has to do to get it. She has huge news to share with her fans, she is getting married Bryan. Just as they are about to announce their big news, he tells her that they are breaking up because he has been seeing someone else. Now she is going to disappoint everyone and lose her book deal because she doesn’t have a fiance’ to share with them.
That’s when her former childhood friend Lucas Wright (David Sutcliffe), who she no longer talks to, steps in to be the The Convenient Groom. Tonight at 9p on the Hallmark Channel the two of them will pretend to be a loving couple who is putting on a quickie wedding, hoping that no one will find out that they are faking their relationship. Will they be able to get away with it? Will these ex-friends become more than friends? Has she found her Mr Wright?
You have to tune in for a feel good movie that teaches you just because you give relationship advice, doesn’t mean you know everything about love.
Here’s my advice to you, you are going to love The Convenient Groom so don’t miss it tonight.



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