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June 16th, 2016 under Seth Meyers

Like all of the other broadcast late night hosts, Seth Meyers is a Straight White male. That means he cannot tell jokes about Lesbians, African-Americans or women. But he found a way around it, he has two of his Late Night writers, Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel, tell the punchlines. Ruffin is an African-American female and Hagel is a Lesbian.
I know I shouldn’t laugh at this segment, but it hard not to. Especially when they tell a joke like when the NBC host starts it off with, “The TV Drama Person of Interest came under fire recently for killing off one of the show’s Lesbian characters,” and Hagel finishes it off with, “It is unclear who killed her, but a few suspects have been fingered!” Get it?
If Seth had told that joke, we wouldn’t be talking about who he banned from his show the other night, instead we would be talking about how he is out of job.
I am grateful he got to tell that joke and the one about The Tonys because after the week we have been having, we all need to laugh and this did it for me.



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