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[ # ] Is Gordon Ramsay staying at a Hotel Hell that’s at the point of no return?
June 7th, 2016 under Gordon Ramsay

Tonight at 8p on Fox, Gordon Ramsay goes to hotel that truly is a Hotel Hell. From the outside, The Town’s Inn in Harper’s Ferry, WV is gorgeous, but on the inside it is disgusting.
The owner is completely clueless on how bad the situation really is. She is a hoarder and there is crap all over the place. She has a room full of baskets to sell to the people who stay there, and they are covered in dust and dead bugs. It gets worse. When Ramsay goes to check into his room, he has no where to put his clothes because the armoire is full of her clothes. Which is weird because she wears the same thing over and over again. Not only doesn’t he have a place to put anything away, the room has a strange odor to it. Wait until he find out what it is. That will horrify you, but not as much as unhealthy his detector discovers it to be. Plus, there is even more of a nightmare to the room, and the owner doesn’t see how much of a health hazard it is.
If it was only the rooms it would be one thing, but the restaurant is the scariest thing we have seen on any of his shows including Kitchen Nightmares. You will never believe that people ate there and survived. It is that much of a health risk.
It is such a horror and the owner is so oblivious to it all, that he decides that this hotel is beyond his help. Will he give up on it or will he decide to come back and save it?
You will just have to tune in tonight and next week to see a challenge that is so huge it even the great Gordon Ramsay can’t do anything for it.



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