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[ # ] The View fires one of its panelists
June 5th, 2016 under The View

The View can’t keep a panel together for more than a year, no matter how hard they try. According to Variety the latest victim is Comedian Michelle Collins. Out of all the people on the panel, she is the only one I think they should keep. Whoopi Golddberg should’ve been gone a long time ago. She says the stupidest things. Almost as dumb as the things child stars Raven Symone and Candace Cameron Bure say. Why are they still there? Although rumor has it Symone is leaving and Variety says that Bure might be too busy with Fuller House to come back. Then there is Joy Behar, why did ABC bring back that loud mouth who thinks because you she talks the loudest she is always right. She never is.
Here is my solution for The View, cancel it. OK, they won’t do that just yet, then get rid of the whole panel and get two journalists, a homemaker, a politician and a celebrity to talk about the issuers of the day. Listening to a bunch of actresses and comedians talk for an hour is not whose views I care about.
Granted I’ve never seen an episode of the show and I like it that way!



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