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[ # ] Want to own Justin Bieber’s dreads?
June 2nd, 2016 under Justin Bieber

Remember a few weeks ago when Justin Bieber was sporting dreads and then he shaved them off. Now his hairstylist Florido told Cosmopolitan, “We still have the dreads though, now we might try to slang them for a charity.” I wonder if they will auction them off individually or as whole. They probably could get more money if they put them up one by one. Plus, a better chance of someone using them to clone the singer.
Back to the dreadlocks, Florido explained that Justin saw someone on the ski slopes with them and decided he wanted them too. After a few days, his hair was getting knotted and breaking, so he decided it was time for another change. Thus, the shaved head. Personally, I think it is best look yet!



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