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[ # ] Does Josh Groban have a death wish?
May 2nd, 2016 under Josh Groban

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Josh Groban is on his world tour and I am not sure he is going to make it back with some of the stuff that he has been doing. He had a date with death when he decided to swim with the sharks and one tried to give him a kiss good night in South Africa. Over the weekend, instead of singing You Raise Me Up, he told them to drop me down in New Zealand when he tried the SkyJump. He plummeted 630′ down to the Earth from the top of the Sky Tower and thankfully made it down safely.
So far he is two for two, let’s not find out the third time is the charm. I need him to stay alive long enough for me to see him in concert. Then he can take all the risks he wants because it’s all about me.
It’s OK for him to sing Brave, but proving it, is going to a little too far for my faint heart.
But in all seriousness, who knew he had such big balls? What’s next for this man with ginormous cojenes? Dare I ask the daredevil?



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