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[ # ] The Angels play a devilish prank on a teammate
April 2nd, 2016 under Pranks, Sports figures

Some of the Anaheim Angels thought it would be fun to play a prank on their teammate Garrett Richards, so they invited him out to dinner. Then as they were waiting to be seated, a woman came up to them and asked them for advice on how to break up with her boyfriend. After they told her what to do, they went their separate ways.
After they were seated, a man pitched an idea to them and the pitcher caught it. He asked the baseball player to help him to propose to his girlfriend by bringing over a piece of a cake with the ring on a plate. When it was time for him to go up to the mound, he was surprised to find out that the girl the man was proposing to was the same one who wants to dump her boyfriend. At that moment Richards knew the guy was going to strike out, but what could he do? He just stood their as clueless as the men on home plate waiting for one of his pitches. That is until his friends came in to tell it was all a joke. I can’t wait to see how he gets revenge!



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