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[ # ] These Family Feud answers go below the belt
March 10th, 2016 under Steve Harvey

Family Feud asked 100 single women, “Name something you would hate to fall out of your date’s underwear?” Derrick was quick to buzz in, “Doo doo!” As soon as he realized what he just said, he, along with the audience, started to crack up. That was the #2 answer on the board, so Mary went with, “condom.” That was the third answer on the board. Personally, I think that both should have been #1. Because I would dump a guy if I saw a dump come out of his underwear. Wouldn’t you?
Then it was up to the Phillips family to try and Tasha said, “A fake member.” When that wasn’t up there, Victor Jr said, “Well Steve, she said the fake one, I guess they wouldn’t want the real one falling out either.” I say depends how big it is. Sadly though that answer wasn’t up there either.
What is wrong with people? Those are all good answers.



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