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[ # ] Taylor Swift is double jointed
March 9th, 2016 under Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift sat down for Us Weekly and revealed 25 things that we didn’t know about her until now. One of things she shared with them is that she is double jointed. Before you boys get too excited, it’s only with her elbows.
She also said that she can’t handle watching horror movie commercials, so she mutes the sound. She prefers if you ask to take a photo with her at restaurants, instead of trying to sneak one of her. The singer named a pug after Nelly, but never told him that when they toured together. Even though Shake It Off is a high energy song, she can’t do a handstand or cartwheel.
These are just a few of things you don’t know about her, there are many on the magazine’s website. Like which body she broke.



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