Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Mariah Carey’s fiance’ puts Jay Z and Kanye West to shame!
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[ # ] Mariah Carey’s fiance’ puts Jay Z and Kanye West to shame!
January 26th, 2016 under Mariah Carey

As you heard Mariah Carey got engaged last week and her fiance’ bought her a 35 carat diamond ring when he asked her to marry him. That ring is so enormous that according to Good Morning America, it is 10 carats smaller than the Hope Diamond and larger than Kim Kardashian and Beyonce’s rocks combined. That’s right, the engagement ring that James Packer bought Mimi is freaking massive, so ginormous it is worth an estimated $10,000,000.
So ladies the moral of this story, is if you want him to put a huge a$$ diamond on your ring finger, only insist on sleeping with him once a week. At least that is what the rumors said about their sex life.
But if you are like me, then you would prefer an heirloom over a store bought ring. To me engagement rings are a waste of money. I would rather have a sentimental ring on my hand when he asks for my hand in marriage.



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