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January 25th, 2016 under Freeform

Tonight at 9p, get ready for your latest TV addiction, Recovery Road on Freeform.
Maddie (Jessica Sula) seems to be your normal teenager, but she has a problem. She drinks a lot and has been doing drugs. One night, she wakes up on a strange lawn and she has no idea where her car is. You would think that she realized she hit rock bottom, but she doesn’t. It is not until her guidance counselor (Alexis Carra) confronts her mother (Sharon Leal) and her, and tells Maddie that she either has to get treatment or she will get expelled. With those options she decides to go to a sober living facility for 90 days.
When she is there she meets the other residents who are there for different reasons and are at different stages of their recovery. Some of them are repeat offenders and others are there for the first time. Each one of them, like Maddie, doesn’t think belonged there but now they know they do belong where they are at. Will Maddie accept that she has a problem before it is too late?
Those residents are her roommate (Kyla Pratt), who did so much meth she lost her daughter. Trish only wants her baby girl back, and she thinks if she does a reality show it will help. Wes (Sebastian De Souza) is the good looking bad boy, and he has taken a vow not to date anyone until he is sober for a year. Vern (Daniel Franzese) had a problem with cocaine and since he has gotten off of it, he has put on weight. Then there is Rebecca (Lindsay Pearce), Maddie’s former best friend and the girls don’t want anything to do with each other. Those are other residents and Craig (David Witts) is the one trying to keep them all sober which is easier said than done.
Recovery Road is an honest look at surviving addiction which is a lot harder than anyone thinks.



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