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December 19th, 2015 under Gordon Ramsay

Graham Elliot announced on Twitter that he is departing MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, leaving Gordon Ramsay as the only original judge on the cooking competition show.
I am sad to see him go because he brought a certain warmth to the show that the others didn’t. That and I wish it was Christina Tosi was the one who was departing, she just comes off as cold and unlikable to me.
No word who will be replacing him, but I hope it is someone who has the compassion and passion that he has.


  • I Borrowed Jose Baez Hat

    Nooo, not Graham!

    • Epic Collision

      I will miss his chewing style, yup that’s right he had a style of chewing no other human can(or should) replicate

  • Mitt Zombie

    show is so fake and scripted now.

  • nylahou

    Ok, I got this weird feeling in the last episode that Gordon and Christina started smashing. I could be wrong, but something about the body language. Anyway, I love Graham and agree that he brought warmth to the show. It was a great trio, so I wish he’d stay.


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