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[ # ] Have you wanted to give someone sh!t as a present? Now you can!!!
November 25th, 2015 under Animals

How many times has someone said to you, “What did you buy me?” Jokingly, you replied, “Sh!t,” but it was what you were thinking of giving them at that moment. I know I have even said to them, “Hold on, let me see if my kitty left you a little gift!”
Well, I guess the people at River Wolfe Art Jewelry thought the same thing because they came up with Cat Poop earrings and necklaces that look like the real thing! Before you go Me-ew, the crap is made out of the same thing as litter…clay. See, now it is a purrfect present.
Not only is the idea great, the price is so reasonable that you can buy it for all the sh!ts on your Christmas list. How cheap? The necklace with a stainless steel chain is $17 and the earrings with hypo-allergenic wires is $22 online. At those prices they truly are the meowvelous present for the person who has everything. You know, people like me who really really want them. Although, my cat might look at me weirder than she already does, but I don’t care I must have them. So buy them for me, now!

xoxo The Dahlia Scene!



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