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[ # ] Sorry men, women don’t want female Viagra!
November 18th, 2015 under Sex Toys

When Viagra came out in 1998, over 500,000 men picked up the little blue in the first month. Now 17 years later, only 227 women asked their doctors for the little pink pill during that amount of time.
So why are women saying no? Bloomberg gave a few reasons for that. The pill cannot be taken with wine, which is more effective and cheaper than the pill. You see, unlike Viagra, it’s not like a woman can take one pill and be like let’s do it, lover. Like foreplay, the pill has to work its magic over time to get her in the mood. So at $26.00 a pill, a 30 day supply will cost her $780.00 and insurance doesn’t cover it.
So men, you are no better off than before the little pink pill came out. And at those prices, a nice romantic dinner, a bottle of wine and some diamond jewelry is a lot cheaper than the pill and more much effective.
BTW one woman who will never need Addyi, the pill that only 227 women have asked for, is 227’s Sandra! Sorry, how can not think of Jackee Harry when you read a story that has 227 and female Viagra in it?



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