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October 28th, 2015 under Fox

A day after Fox picked up The Grinder for a full season, they did the same thing for Grandfathered. John Stamos and Josh Peck’s show finally got the back 9 today.
Hopefully they will use the extra episode to work on the show because as much I want to love it, I can’t. Over the last 24 hours, I figured out the biggest problem with the show. Most shows like this one (ie My Two Dads) deal with the surprise child showing up out of no where because the parent that has been raising them has died or abandoned them. Grandfathered still has Peck’s mother in the picture and its an element that’s hurting the show. There are too many characters and they are working against each other instead of with each other. Plus, it feels like the show was out of ideas by the second episode. Like this would’ve worked as a film, but not as a weekly series.
I do want this show to do well, but it needs help and it really needs to clean house. Just make it about Stamos, Peck, the baby and the workers at Stamos’ restaurant. Dump the women and make them bachelors trying to date while raising the baby and working odd hours.
What do you think can help the show?



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