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[ # ] Watch this Family Feud contestant flip her weave!
October 21st, 2015 under Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey likes to get to know the contestants on Family Feud and sometimes he regrets that decision. For example, when he went over to the Henrys to get know them, he learned more about them than he wanted to know.
First, he said hi to the head of the family Waltrece and then he went over to her family member Terree, who claims to be the family angel with halo and all. Waltrece doesn’t agree, so she told the host that there are horns under Terree’s weave. Terree responded by saying, “She’s lying because up under this weave…” As she was saying that, she took off her weave to reveal there were no horns.
What could Steve do after that, but walk away and try to top that. Which you can’t.
When it comes to Terree’s weave, I think she looked so much better without it. And yes her halo was still shining because only a true angel can get away with that.



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