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[ # ] Mistresses just won’t die
September 25th, 2015 under ABC

Even though I don’t know anyone who is still watching the summer show Mistresses, someone at ABC loves it enough to renew it for a 4th season. OK, that person is the President of ABC Entertainment Paul Lee, who makes those decisions, but that is not the point.
This show has always been so bad, you have to wonder if the actors would love to do an Alyssa Milano and leave the drama. At least one actress is reportedly doing an Alyssa and that is her replacement Jennifer Esposito according to Entertainment Weekly. Has Esposito ever made it to a second season of a show? Again not the point.
Are you the one person who is still watching Mistresses or are you as shocked as everyone else that it will be back for yet another season.


  • Cookie

    I liked the show this season, but did not like Esposito as Calista. I liked Milano as Savi but she quit ‘acting’ in season 2. Love April, Joss, Karen, Harry and Mark and will watch next season too.


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